#50PreciousWords 2023: To Catch a Falling Star

What a busy week I’ve had! I nearly forgot to renew my membership for 12×12 – got that through in the knick of time! Whew! Then it was on to the #PBParty. So much prep involved, and it wasn’t even my first time participating. Thank goodness for my amazing critique group! I have so muchContinue reading “#50PreciousWords 2023: To Catch a Falling Star”

Pumpkins Like Stars: #FallWritingFrenzy Story

Happy October! Today I’m sharing a picture book story that I wrote for the #FallWritingFrenzy contest – which is such a fun way to start this spooky month. October is one of my very favorite months, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write a quick tale about Halloween based on a photograph.Continue reading “Pumpkins Like Stars: #FallWritingFrenzy Story”


I’m so excited to share the new paperback format of this book! I’ve written about AN AFRICAN ANIMAL ADVENTURE in this post and this one. But now I’ve actually got the physical book in my hands and it’s sooo pretty! As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I hadn’t originally intended to publish it in paperback,Continue reading “Available in Paperback: AN AFRICAN ANIMAL ADVENTURE”


An African Alphabet Adventure is a rhyming picture book that takes us across Africa to meet all different kinds of animals, starting with the letter A all the way to – you guessed it – Z! This was such a fun story to write. I get a kick out of alliteration, so matching that upContinue reading “My Book: AN AFRICAN ALPHABET ADVENTURE”

To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish

Publishing has changed so much in the last few years. Even though in the past I’d never really liked the idea of self-publishing, I did venture into it as an experiment. It’s how I ended up with my AN AFRICAN ANIMAL ADVENTURE (that you can read more about here). That was a book I wroteContinue reading “To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish”