#50PreciousWords 2023: To Catch a Falling Star

What a busy week I’ve had!

I nearly forgot to renew my membership for 12×12 – got that through in the knick of time! Whew! Then it was on to the #PBParty. So much prep involved, and it wasn’t even my first time participating. Thank goodness for my amazing critique group! I have so much trouble deciding which story to use. The feedback is invaluable!

(Have I used too many exclamation points already? Is my quota up for a single blog post?? Oh well, the excitement must be expressed!!!)

Today I posted my short story for #50PreciousWords. It’s such a great exercise for me – I’m terrible with wordiness. Cutting down words to the bare minimum is always a challenge. And, as it so often does, it ended up with me shifting to poetry.

The spaceship was there in my head. Perhaps because we just sailed out of Port Canaveral and I’ve been thinking about NASA? Either way, it demanded to be in my story.

So here it is – my entry to #50PreciousWords!


My rocket ship
went very far.
The sky was very dark.

I tried to catch
the falling star.
It landed in the park.

It bounced so high,
I got so close,
But it was just my luck.

As I reached out
my falling star
was eaten by a duck.

The end. That’s 49 words and, hopefully, an entertaining story.

Happy writing!

xo Rosemary

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