Pumpkins Like Stars: #FallWritingFrenzy Story

Happy October!

Today I’m sharing a picture book story that I wrote for the #FallWritingFrenzy contest – which is such a fun way to start this spooky month.

October is one of my very favorite months, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write a quick tale about Halloween based on a photograph.


My inspiration: “Halloween” by Selina Wing for Bing


By Rosemary Lynn

We went to the farmer’s market today and returned with our baskets full.  I got right to work. 

First the potatoes, then a tomato, then a pepper and a few not-quite-ripe bananas.  It was hard to carve the jack-o-lantern faces all by myself, but I couldn’t give up!  The baskets were still nearly full. 

Next up: a squash.  Then a turnip, hard as a rock, and a whole pile of teeny tiny Brussels sprouts.  Halfway there!

I worked my way through a bushel of carrots, a whole head of broccoli, and enough onions to make me cry buckets. 

By the time the baskets were empty I was exhausted.  Jack-o-lanterns were everywhere, on every counter, shelf, table, and chair.

When my mom walked in she was so excited about my accomplishment that she was speechless! 

Then we went to the pumpkin patch and left with a trunkful.  Now the porch is decorated top to bottom with shining pumpkin jack-o-lanterns. 

So many jack-o-lanterns lighting the night it looks like stars!

The perfect backdrop for our many, many bowls of potato-pepper-squash-turnip-carrot-onion soup. 

The end.

Hope you enjoyed my Halloween tale! Thanks for stopping by, and I’d love to connect with you Twitter!

xo Rosemary

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