I’m so excited to share the new paperback format of this book!

I’ve written about AN AFRICAN ANIMAL ADVENTURE in this post and this one. But now I’ve actually got the physical book in my hands and it’s sooo pretty!

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I hadn’t originally intended to publish it in paperback, but only as an eBook. After all, I mostly wrote it for my kids. And while I do read a lot of eBooks, there’s something special about holding a book in your hands… feeling the weight of it, turning the pages…

I’m so glad the book is now accessible this way now.

This book was special to me because I wrote it when the youngest was just born. It’s a tongue-twister which made it fun to listen to for the littles, but now that my kids are older, I’ve found that it’s great for letting them practice their reading.

There’s so much focus on chapter books at the upper elementary age, but I like having the benefits of illustrations and the smaller chunks of words that picture books give you. Since I utilized real photos of animals to make this book, we also had some discussions about different animals. Big plus there.

Then again, I’ll read picture books forever regardless of their benefits (which are many) simply because I love them.

So, yay for the new paperback:

Get the book HERE!

And here’s an obligatory photo of me with the book… and one with Luna who insisted on hoping up to the top of her cat tree to be right near me as I posed.

I love her I-never-signed-up-for-a-selfie expression.

Wanna come back to it later? Don’t have time to take a look right now? Pin this image as a reminder:

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Happy Reading 🙂

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