An African Alphabet Adventure is a rhyming picture book that takes us across Africa to meet all different kinds of animals, starting with the letter A all the way to – you guessed it – Z!

This was such a fun story to write. I get a kick out of alliteration, so matching that up with a letter-recognition concept like an alphabet book, means a lot of exciting wordplay.

I started writing this when my oldest was a baby and I was pregnant with my second daughter, and went on to publish it when my youngest was a toddler. It’s been through some minor revisions since then (this is the second edition), but I still enjoy reading it aloud.

Warning: this book is a tongue-twister! Which, of course, just adds to the entertainment value. Kids love giggling along with you while cuddled up for story time.

Plus, there’s the added value of identifying the animals in the book (don’t worry – the photos are labeled!) as well as finding all the words that start with each letter of the alphabet. I’m always a fan of finding entertaining ways to teach.

When I wrote this, I decided to utilize real photos to illustrate the animals. I was able to find public domain photos for all of the many animals, and edited them to look a bit softened but still realistic. I threw in some bold colors into the background to brighten things up but the focus is on the animals themselves.

This is the kind of book that makes a great gift for new parents as well as for preschoolers who love to read about animals. It’s available as an eBook and as a paperback.

Get it here:

An African Alphabet Adventure as a paperback

An African Alphabet Adventure as an eBook


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